The Bull Table by The First Ferry

The Raging Bull illustrates the sense of authority and power that engulfs the bull on seeing the dark scarlet shade. The vitality extruded is in the manner in which the bull is arched. The gold horns and the bump on the bull exhibits richness that touches the inner most being: the soul of anyone who witnesses its grandeur.  Every detail of The Raging Bull is crafted with meticulousness and precision in Germany, fashioned for the energetic and powerful heart.

The concept and design of The Raging Bull comes from The First Ferry, the home of unconventional and luxury interior designers and contemporary architects who dare to challenge the usual norms with commitment to deliver only best quality to the clients. The objective is to create that which pleases not just the eyes but even the soul. The Raging Bull Coffee Table is a part of the Bespoke Collection designed by the First Ferry.

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