Godiva, Abu Dhabi - Designed by The First Ferry

“The richness of the experience, the grandeur of the creation, the intoxication of the senses and the elevation of awareness…”

There is no greater reason in the creation of space than to achieve something surreal, something that strikes and elevates the senses and provides a rejuvenating experience.  The new Godiva boutique, based in Abu Dhabi, in a prestigious new shopping mall, epitomizes the pinnacle of haute interiors, with the mix of finishes reflecting the diverse ingredients used in its products, fused into a single flavor that bursts upon reaction with the senses. 

Smooth textures are juxtaposed with polished tiles and contrasting colors that highlight and complement each other in a playful composition of forms, shapes, and materials.  

The First Ferry has successfully assimilated the experience of enjoying chocolates into a virtual journey of visual, textural and contextual enjoyment. 

The essence of the Lady Godiva – the principles and the values she stood for – are all evident in the refinement of the lines and the feline smooth curves, while the square angles outline her hard lined integrity and the mission she so vehemently defended. 

This is a project where the built functional art has successfully illustrated in vivid graphic imagery, the vision and principles of the brand and product.


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