Wong Villa - Crafted by The First Ferry

The First Ferry has created its own Chinese Garden of Eden in Springs, Dubai. Wong Villa - a peaceful, earthy setting is highlighted with four water pools surrounding the villa gazebo to create a sense of earthy homeliness. 

The landscaping is enhanced with simple pink flowers that add a color contrast to the predominately white theme layout. Bamboo plants by the walls, complement the beige exteriors and are also deeply linked with Chinese philosophy and culture.

With clean white lines and lighting strategically placed to bestow a resplendent hue, the space has an atmospheric sense of peace and purity. The white contemporary furniture set occupy the living room space.  

A classical chandelier besets the dining area with a divine fondness and simultaneously keeps it close to Mother Nature. The television set is installed over an oak wood platform that exhibits a refined simplistic design.

The master bedroom is an artistic spectacle that portrays a simplistic form of luxury with its signature bed and handpicked selection of covers and sheets. It follows a sublunary theme with whites and brown textured surrounding. The wall behind the bed and the wall with the TV installation is hand painted to create a wooden pattern. Both these walls are enhanced with white back-lighting. Bedside lamps hang from the ceiling, resembling a budding flower with a seraphic radiance.

Conceptualized and designed by #TheFirstFerry