MW Cafe by The First Ferry

The First Ferry Interior Design
A new café by the corniche in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE is the brainchild of Mutah Beale (ex-rapper of Tupac Shakur’s group, Outlawz and professional boxer, Anthony DeBruijn.

Letter of Appreciation by Anthony DeBruijn

Letter of Appreciation by Mutah Beale (Napoleon from rap group, Outlawz)

The space is graced with a curated set of elements that blend together seamlessly to create a beautiful design, one which is rich as rich as the coffee the Café serves.

The furniture is inspired by modern classical styles.

With a combination of tiled walls, wooden coating for columns and pillars and the use of purple lights for the Café also puts to use the brilliant exteriors that soothes the senses with a delectable experience. 

Conceptualized, designed and executed by The First Ferry

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